Weekly Call To Action – 4/4/2017

Tough week. Yes, the new payday loan bill died and the universal voucher bills remain stalled, but two Article V Convention bills passed, as did a cruel anti-abortion bill, SB1367. Brought to the Legislature by Cathi Herrod’s Center for Arizona Policy, SB1367 passed the House on a partisan 34-22-4 vote Thursday and was signed by the Governor on Friday. Read about the house floor debate here.

The Legislature continues to work to weaken the citizen initiative process. After passing HB2404, which dramatically increases the costs of qualifying an initiative for the ballot, Republicans are moving two “strike-everything” bills that would further restrict our rights:

HB2244 is still listed as a “gun bill,” but it was used to insert language requiring “strict compliance,” instead of the current “substantial compliance,” for the wording and signature collection for citizen initiatives. HB2244 passed Senate Appropriations last week and is on the Senate Rules agenda tomorrow, Monday, April 3. Use RTS to oppose!

SB1236 is a Debbie Lesko bill, still titled, “Psychotropic drugs, foster children,” but amended as a “strike-everything” for the sneaky purpose of changing the rules covering the registration of petition circulators. SB1236 is scheduled for House Rules tomorrow, Monday, April 3. Use RTS to oppose!

HB2372 would extend TANF and SNAP from 12 to 24 months, but now has so many compliance issues that D’s are opposed; bill needs to pass Rules before going to the Senate floor. Oppose.

HB2022, allowing rat or snake shot within city limits, needs to pass Rules before going to the Senate floor. Oppose

SB1178, the “strike-everything” bill introduced by “universal voucher” Senator Debbie Lesko, requires school districts to report now how they spend Prop 123 funds, “including the amount used to support an increase in teacher salaries.” The bill, in its new form, passed the House Education Committee two weeks ago and House Rules last Monday. Punitive reporting requirements on how Prop 123 funds are spent will not solve the teacher shortage crisis in Arizona. Oppose


Last week, Sen. Jeff Flake sponsored the joint resolution repealing the rules protecting consumers’ online data. It passed the Senate, 50-48 and the House, 215-205. No Democrats voted for the bill. According to The Verge, Sen. Flake received $27,955 from the telecom industry and Sen. John McCain took $84,125. Coincidence? Check out the list here.

Let Sen. McCain and Sen. Flake know your opinion on this issue or any issue. Stand for Sane Government continues to ask for in-person meetings. Sen. McCain is right – we need an independent investigation of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. When will it begin?

1. #McCainMonday at 12 noon on the SE corner of 22nd St. and Camelback and/or #FlakeFriday on the NE corner at the same intersection. Bring signs, flags and letters to leave at their offices.

2. And call! (Keep trying – mailboxes are often full.) Identify yourself as a constituent and ask Senators Flake and McCain to meet in person with constituents in Phoenix, or speak about any other single issue.

Sen. John McCain: (202) 224-2235 or (602) 952-2410
Sen. Jeff Flake: (202) 224-4521 or (602) 840-1891