Weekly Call To Action – 3/26/17

Activism works! In Washington, the ACA survives. Senator John McCain calls for an independent investigation into the Trump administration’s ties to Putin and to Russia. And in Arizona, voucher bills remain stalled, the State Parks board survives and attempts to weaken Shannon’s Law are blocked.


SB1178 is an insulting “strike-everything” bill introduced by “universal voucher” Senator Debbie Lesko, requiring school districts to report how they spend Prop 123 funds, “including the amount used to support an increase in teacher salaries.” The bill, in its new form, passed the House Education Committee last Monday and is on the House Rules agenda tomorrow, Monday, March 27 at 1 pm. Use RTS to oppose!!!

HB2496 is a “strike-everything” bill and the newest version of Payday Loans in Arizona. It passed Senate Appropriations last week. Although it is not on tomorrow’s Rules agenda, call Senator Catherine Miranda (602) 926-4893 to ensure she votes NO if the bill comes to the floor.

HB2404 received final floor votes Thursday and was quickly signed by the Governor. This puts additional burdens on the constitutionally guaranteed citizen initiative process by making it more costly, and it is a direct response to the successful ballot measure raising the minimum wage.

HCR2022, calling for Article V Convention, is on Monday’s Senate COW (Committee of the Whole) agenda; call Sen. Catherine Miranda (602) 926-4893 to urge her to vote NO.

HCR2013, calling for Article V Convention to require a balanced budget, is on Monday’s Senate 3rd Read agenda; call Sen. Catherine Miranda (602) 926-4893 to urge her to vote NO. HCR2013 would add Arizona to the group of 29 states calling for a Constitutional Convention that could easily become a free-for-all to change the U.S. Constitution.